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Sep 28, 2006

Kol Hakavod Shimon

So now he is threatening.

At least someone in the government is trying to take the upper hand in negotiations.

But his position does not make sense (though I am all for it). Here is Shimon Peres. A person who has spent the last 14 years actively (and much more than that in stages) pushing his plans for his vision of a new Middle East. A Middle East in which the "settlements" would be abandoned by Israel in exchange for peace. In case no peace would be offered, we would abandon them anayway.
Shimon Peres jumped ship from his Labor party, of which he has been member of since its inception. He has led it many times and even served as Prime Minister under the mantleship of the Labor Party, pushing platforms of giving up land for peace. After deacdes of doing that, he was even willing to abandon his Labor home for a new home in which he felt presented a better opportunity for abandoning the settlements (without even an illusion of peace in return).

Now, this same Shimon Peres is threatening the Palestinians. He is saying if they do not shape up, if they do not stop shooting Kassam rockets into Israel, they will have to be aware that Israel will begin allowing construction in the settlements again. Israel cannot get hit from both sides, he says, where we are forced to live wth rockets, yet still restrict the "settlers" for pursuits of peace. If there is no peace, then the settlements will continue to grow.

In my opinion, that is the threat that should have been used all along. Until the Palestinians are ready to work out a deal and have peace with Israel, Israel has no reason to and should not stop building in the settlements,

However, for Shimon Peres to say that is a real shocker!

It is pretty transparent, if you ask me. The Palestinians will probably (unless they are really stupid) see it as an empty threat. After all, how can Shimon Peres have the legitimacy to use the continuation and expansion of settlement activity as a threat when he has dedicated his career and life to exactly the opposite? They will likely assume it is just a threat.

But at least someone on the Israeli side is finally taking the strong negotiation tactic. Finally suggesting a forceful threat of repercussions that might actually make the Palestinians think twice about their methods and styles. Rather than just responding to the tone and offers set by the Palestinians, womeone on our side finally steps forward and is forcing a new situation.

Kol Hakavod, Shimon. Even if you are transparent.


  1. Peres means well. He just seems to fall short every time.

  2. The difference between a belief and an idea is that you can change an idea.


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