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Oct 1, 2006

more mitzvos

There are conflicting customs during these days.

Some have the custom of bui;ding one's sukkah and purchasing the 4 species during the Ten Days of Repentance. This custom is based on the idea that by showing our love for the mitvot and rushing to buy the species and build the sukka at the earliest opportunity, we will add to our merits prior to Yom Hakkipurim, which will provide more chance of a successful din on Yom Kippur.

Some have the custom to specifically wait until after Yom Kippur to build the sukka and purchase the 4 species. This custom is based on the idea that one wishes to begin the new slate with a mitzva. If right after Yom Kippur we are rushing to do mitzvot, that will have a strong influence on the actions we will choose during the coming year.

I am in the latter group. While I hear alot of banging of people putting together their sukkot and see people buying their lulav and etrog, I am refraining from doing so. Even though this past Friday and today would have bene very opportune times to build my sukka, as the rest of the week after Yom Kippur I will be at work all day and will only be able to take care of sukkot preparations at night.

I was thinking of changing this year and building my sukka pre-Yom Kippur. I decided not to, not for any good reason, just out of habit. I did not want to change my minhag, if it can be called a minhag.

However, I was thinking, perhaps in the style of the Berditchever, all those who wait to prepare for sukkot until after Yom Kippur can come to Hashem at Yom Kippur and say, "Look at us. We are forgoing the opportunity to accumulate one extra mitzva before Yom Kippur, just so we will be able to influence our actions for good for next year. Therefore look at us this Yom Kippur with the same love as if we had done the mitzvot early, for we are postponing them out of the same love as those who are doing them now."

Gmar Cha(s)(t)ima Tova to all of you.


  1. could do that, and thought of it. In my mind though, it is one or the other....

  2. I actually put up my frame b/4 Yom Kippur, not out of zerizus, but it just worked out easier for us this year.
    BTW- I love the Berditchever story about seeing a yid eating on YK. Classic. Have a meaningful fast!

  3. I know many ppl that put it up b4. Good luck.


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