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Oct 16, 2006

Escape from the Muqata into Israel

Jameel escaped from the Muqata tonight. He came into Israel clandestinely. Not only did he come into Israel but he also met up with some bloggers, including myself.

It was a great honor meeting the honorable representative of the Muqata, even if just for a few minutes. And I must say he looked nothing as I had pictured he would..


  1. I feel both left out and jealous.

  2. all these secret jblogger meetings that jameel turns up at. lucky that you got to be there!

  3. oggers. Individually. Not at a big jblogger meeting or anything like that. When he met me it was just the two of us. And he had said he had just come from meeting a different blogger...

  4. He didn't have on the giant smiley face?

    That said, Jameel, if you're reading this... stop by once in a while!

  5. think I recognized him? Of course he was wearing his smiley face!!!

  6. ah ok :P so you're especially privileged

  7. Rafi: Actually, I find it interesting that both of my secret blogger meets that evening, were very clandestine...side of the road, nighttime-sort of cloak and dagger stuff :)

    Was a pleasure meeting you -- I'll definitely be in touch next time I'm in your area.

  8. Jameel- please let me know as well when you're near Rafi, as it's very easy for me to get there from my current location. Assuming you wish to let more than two J bloggers know about your next appearance :p


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