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Oct 25, 2006


Absolutely amazing!! We are witnessing amazing things in Israel right now!

Avigdor "Yvette" Lieberman has given up on all his demands - yes every single one of the 5 issues he had demanded as preconditions - to join the coalition of a government that until 2 weeks ago he was calling for its resignation . Not only that but he only requested one ministerial position (for himself) (when he heads a large enough party that based on current guidelines deserved 3-4) and was willing to take an office that was made up just for him (Minister of Strategic Affairs) and is unclear what that includes and entails.

In addition to that, Amir Peretz who has had nothing reasonable until now to say about Lieberman and has vehemently opposed allowing him in to the coalition has agreed to support his entry. In return, Olmert promised him more money and offices. He will possibly get the Ministry of Social Affairs (still dependant on UTJ), along with a new Ministry of Arab Affairs and another head of a committee in Knesset.

Look what people will do for a taste of power. Amazing.

Look how easy it is for Olmert to throw around our money to get what he wants. If you thought the government was bloated with ministries until now, we just got a few more.. That is millions of shekels more every year out of the taxpayer pocket... Amazing.

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