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Oct 26, 2006

joke of the day

A bit racist but here goes...

For those of you who do not understand the hebrew it is a play on words. It says, "Hebrew is a nice language.

What do you call a place you eat in? Misada (restaurant)

what do you call the act of eating in the Misada? Soad

What do you call the meal in a restaurant? Seudah

What do you call the owner of the Misada? Misadan

What do you call the guy who washes the dishes in the Misada? Said (an Arab name)"


  1. Really not so funny...They could have said " and the guy who blows up the mis'ada is Sa'id" even less funny...

  2. Not funny but not offensive to me either. I guess I have to be in Israel to really get the humor lol.

  3. ha, i thought as 'me' did-that it would end off with a terrorist...

    (it would be less funny..but less racist as well)


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