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Oct 22, 2006


We are now officially in flu-shot season. Here in israel the flu-shot is given out based on dcotor recommendation. Your doctor has to decide you fall into some sort of high risk group and that qualifies you for a flu-shot. If you do not fall into such a category and want the flu-shot anyway, you have to cough up the money on your own to get the shot privately.

The high risk category generally includes the elderly, babies, people with asthma and other ailments and illnesses that contracting the flu might be detrimental for them. I do not fall into any of the categories but usually get myself a shot privately. 3 of my kids fall into categories and would be going this week to get their little arms pricked.

That was until just now. The Health Ministry has just issued an announcement that they are stopping (temporarily I guess) all distribution of flu shots in Israel and not allowing medical centers to innoculate people with the vaccination.

The reason for the announcement is the death of 3 people who took the shot. 3 people who fell into a high risk category, 2 were elderly (in their 70s) and one was 52 (I do not know why he got it), died three days after being innoculated with the vaccine. All three had received the innoculation in the same medical clinic in Kiryat Gat.

I would presume that because all three deaths came from the same clinic, it is unlikely the general pool of vaccinations around the country is tainted. I would presume their was a specific problem with the local clinic. However, even one death is unusual - let alone three - and therefore it must be investigated.

Until further notice - no flu-shots in Israel.

If you were planning on getting a flu-shot (in Israel or elsewhere) you should probably speak to your doctor about the situation.


  1. It is the same here. The senior center where I work gives out shots. They used to let the staff get shots but no more.

  2. Thanks for this contribution to the Healthy & Fit Family Carnival


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