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Oct 23, 2006

Prayer Barbie

Can "Prayer Barbie" be counted in a minyan?


  1. It may be interesting to note that she's not dressed tzniyusdikly (elbow), her shel rosh is offset, although she is wearing a skirt. Oh, and she's holding a Steinsaltz!

    [No, these are not my observations; just passing on what I've seen reported elsewhere]

  2. don't like barbies in general but that one is especially disturbing.

  3. Mike - you are correct (I saw the comments on other blogs as well) but I figure of she is so liberated to wear tefillin when most women do not, she would have no problem learning from Steinsaltz. her sleeves, I guess she is modern..

    sarah - reminds me of Madonna

  4. rafi - you found nachum a shidduch!

  5. I had barbies, they were cute.

    but men and women are not allowed and should not wear each other's clothing.

  6. malka,

    don't overlook the comfort factor

  7. shaya - maybe Mattis

    Dan - do you know men who like to wear womens clothes because of the comfort factor? :-)

    malka - do you mean the tfillin (and tallis) are mens clothes and she should not wear them?

  8. rafi,

    do you know men that don't?


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