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Oct 29, 2006

who said it?

and I quote.. "but this house is being buried before my eyes because of unreliability, because of deals, because of zigzags, because of lack of leadership."

hmmm, maybe a former resident of Gush Katif? Maybe a former resident of one of the 4 Northern Samarian settlements that were razed this past year?

If that is what you guessed, it was a good guess but completely wrong.

Opher Pines-Paz said it tonight in the stormy Labor Central Committee meeting deciding whether to stay in the coalition with Lieberman's party or to drop out of the coalition. Pines-Pas was in favor of leaving the government coalition. I agree with Pines-Paz and feel that from a Labor party standpoint the right move would have been to leave the government. The problem is the people running the show nowadays (not just in labor but in a lot of parties) are worried about personal interests rather than long term goals. They are afraid of facing their electorate now and think they will be better off by delaying such an event for a while. So they voted to stay in the coalition.

Ironic that he could use such a statement as a condemnation of the days events and an argument for specific policy, when he ignored such arguments last year and has been looking to push an agenda exactly of deals, zigzags, lack of leadership, and burying peoples houses in front of their own eyes.

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  1. Rafi: Excellent Post. I wrote something slightly similar before coming across yours.


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