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Oct 31, 2006

Kefiya Hilonit

Check out this well written post by Joe Settler on secular coercion and sexual harrassment..


  1. Shame on you for calling such a rampant piece of hate-speech "well written." While gay humans might not be your chosen lifestyle, it doesn't change the fact that they are human beings who deserve to live their life and lifestyle as freely as you practice judaism. Shame on you, a descendant of the holocaust, for promoting somebody calling somebody else "an abomination". Shame!

  2. idan - whether or not you agree with what JoeSettler wrote, it was well written.
    Another point, the Torah calls the act of homosexuality an abomination (Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13. People who behave in homosexual practices are performing abomination, as per the Torah. I would not call them an abomination, but the Torah calls their actions abomination, and therefore JoeSettler is not making it up and settling to name-calling.

    Gay humans are humans. Their sexual preference does not interest me. I prefer they keep it that way. We do not have heterosexual parades celebrating heterosexuality. We do not have nudist parades celebrating the nudist lifestyle, we shoudl not have gay parades celebrating gay lifestyle. Keep your sexual preferences to yourself. It does not interest me and I do not want to know about them.

  3. Rafi -

    I haven't read the post yet over at Joe's, but I'm there next. But, to respond to your comments about the parade - it's not about celebrating the gay lifestyle - it's about celebrating ourselves. It's about celebrating the fact that for so many of us, it was an incredibly hard road to walk down and to finally become comfortable with who we are and how we were created.

  4. Rafi,

    we dont have hetrosexual parades because that group is the undisputed majority. Furthermore, the hetrosexual community has never been discriminated for their sexuality.
    However, as the homosexual community is and has been a minority and persecuted community, it is only reasonable and to be expected, like every other minority and persecuted community, in a free society, would join together and declare their prideful existence and expectation of equal rights.
    If more people were like you, and not hatefull or discriminatory, then there would be no reason for a pride parade. Alas, the world is made up of predators.

  5. Robbie - I understand you (I think). I want it to be clear that I have nothnig against gays. I am not a gay hater nor lok to supress you or your rights. What you or anybody else does is your own business. You do not need to answer to me. I just feel that the parade is inappropriate, anywhere but especially in Jerusalem.

    Dan - thanks, I guess.

  6. I understand -
    I also think that the intentions of the parade are not, unfortunately, what happens today... I also am not in favor of a big ol' nekkid party. That's why God invented bedrooms.

    A nice demonstration, with all kinds of people coming together to walk to show a support of tolerance - that's what I'd like it to be.

  7. that might be ok, but that is not what is going to happen. The Open House people are looking to provoke and the anti-parade protestors are looking to be provoked.

  8. "the anti-parade protestors are looking to be provoked."

    The parade hasn't even happened yet and the haredi are already burning their neighberhood, causing physical injury to people and calling the police nazis.


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