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Oct 16, 2006


On Shemini Atzeret we begin mentioning the prayer for rain. It is not really a prayer for rain though. That will come in a couple of weeks. What we did on Shemini Atzeret is more like a warm-up. A pre-game workout of sorts. Buttering God up. We are mentioning that He has the ability to provide rain, though we will only ask for it later when He is flattered enough to acquiesce.

Well, it looks like He was flattered pretty quickly this time around. On Sunday, the day after Shemini Atzeret, it already rained significantly here in Israel (not like the light drizzle we experienced during Hol Hamoed) and is continuing today.

People here get all nervous when they feel the drops. It could be just a few drops, but people will start running as if it is a torrentious downpour. Traffic comes to a standstill. Drivers get nervous when drops hit their windshields. Roads get slick from the accumulation of greases and oils mixing with the rains, so drivers drive much slower (i.e. they drive at the speed they should be driving at all year round), even if it is a light rain that poses no danger.

I remember a few years ago, before there was a train from Bet Shemesh to Tel Aviv, the first rain of the season and I was on a bus to Tel Aviv. It was a heavy rain and that often brings with it flooding in the poorer neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and other areas. Traffic was bad because of the rain, but worse because of areas being closed off and evacuated due to flooding. It took 5 hours to get to work that day. Half the office was stuck in ridiculous traffic and only came in in time for lunch.

Today people are looking out the window watching the rain, talking about the rain, blogging about the rain, concerned they did not yet take down their sukka (I took mine down ten minutes after havdala after the holiday), what will they do about the rain when they go for lunch, etc..

I always like to say, "A little rain never killed anyone" (though I guess you cannot say that to anyone who lives in New Orleans).

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  1. B"H it was dry here, cold, but dry. It rain all Monday and my sukkah is still up. Mrs. Uberdox isn't so thrilled!!


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