Aug 5, 2009

Antidote for Swine Flu

While the Health ministry struggles to find a way to deal with the increasing numbers of Israelis becoming infected with the Swine Flu, the mekubalim have found the solution.

Rav Benayahu Shmueli has put together a group of 50 rabbonim and mekubalim who will fly over the country saying psalms, incantation, and blow the shofar to ward off the infectious flu. Rav Shmueli said that the disease spread so rapidly because of the commonality of pritzus, and even among the haredi public because of the inclination to speak lashon ho'ra and gossip. That is why we are afflicted with a disease that spreads via the mouth.

Rav Shmueli also suggested that the recent increase in division among the secular and haredi in society - over recent incidents like the "starving mother", the avreich who drove over a Ethiopian, the accusations that haredim are the cause of the shooting in the gay bar in Tel Aviv, and others, is what causes the spread. If we can control and limit the machlokes, we will limit the spread of such diseases.

Rav Shmueli also suggested a way to prevent becoming infected - he said to be more careful with saying blessings before and after food, and to read the portion of the Ketores.

All his suggestions sound like good ideas....


  1. I just give to Kupdat Ha'Ir. That's why I haven't had the flu.


  2. makes a change from tznius i guess.

  3. Earn money from homeAugust 05, 2009 2:10 PM

    Hey Shy Guy, that's my line!

  4. Had you truly given to the Kupah, you would have been zocheh to be first.

    Now we know. :)

  5. It wasn't a gay bar in Tel Aviv. The terrorist attack was on a support group meeting for teenagers.

  6. Having Rabbis say prayers to help minimize the flu - Good idea

    Suggesting positive things we can do as a nation - Good idea

    Saying that, "the disease spread so rapidly because of ..." - Impossible to say in the absence of prophecy, displays scientific ignorance, and just makes frum Jews look pretty dumb

  7. It appears the virus is now becoming resistant to anti-viral drugs

  8. Sick people should stay home, especially anyone with a cough. It's an airborne virus. "Stay home in bed with hot tea for the benefit of your fellow man"--It doesn't get any easier than this!

  9. We just read last week about looking after ourselves. "Venishmartem meod lenashoteychem". Hashem is telling us to look after ourselves. Why did the Rav not remind people about personal hygiene, and that means not just doing Netilat Yadayim after being to the bathroom, but washing the hands - with SOAP?

  10. I guess maybe because the doctors and newspapers are reminding us of the need to keep a high level of hygiene. as a rabbi he has to remind us of the things the others are not reminding us of.


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