Aug 15, 2009

Get out of jail free

In this weeks local BS Chadash newspaper, there is an article condemning an attack perpetrated by a couple of teenagers on some avreichim walking from the Heftziba neighborhood to the Kirya Hareidit.

Not only that, but they even say they, the newspaper, complained to the police about it. I don't know what a newspapers place is in society, but I was not aware that it is their job to file police reports and complaints for people.

Regardless, the perps should be prosecuted and taken care of to the full extent of the law.

I don't, however, remember the Chadash writing about attacks that have happened with Haredim (the "kannoim" in RBS B) attacking people walking through or just rioting in general and destroying public property, so if they normally stay away from stories of violence, it is strange that they wrote about this one. Clearly they are simply just not objective and haredi crime/violence doesn't happen but secular violence does.

Also, the Chadash has written about getting those arrested for hafganot out of jail and even quoted Mayor Abutbol that he was working to get somone arrested for his kannoi violence out of jail (as a way of preventing more violence was left unsaid) and Chadash praised him for his efforts. I wonder of Abutbol will work to get these kids out of jail as well, despite their violence (I hope not), and if Chadash will support him in his efforts if he does.

Obviously this is tongue-in-cheek. They should be prosecuted for their violence, and others should see that violent attacks do not pay - not against haredim and not against anybody else. The mayor should not work to get people arrested for violent acts out of jail - not secular (though I have never heard of such intervention happening) and not on behalf of haredim. And if a paper is going to write about and complain to the police about secular violence, they should do the same regarding haredi violence. Just because they are haredim does not give them the "get out of jail free" card.

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  1. Nice to see what our mayor is busy doing while the city crumbles into disrepair and chaos. (If you believe a word of the article...)


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