Aug 31, 2009

Picture of the Day (potd)

(for more pictures from yesterdays hafganah against splitting the RBS A school building, see


  1. This may even qualify as poty. What a great picture!

  2. This story is proof positive that the chilonim hate the chareidim.

    Lets review the basic facts.

    There is a school in RBSA. A chiloni school. There are no more than a handful (maximum) of kids that go to this school from RBSA. So in order to "fill" this school building with chiloni students, the iryah busses in kids from BS proper, costing our taxpayers to the tune of 6000,000 NIS per year. This school is scheduled to sit at about 40% capacity this year, with about 180 out of 400+ students. This means that there are empty classrooms in the building. Empty. Classrooms with no one in them.

    On the other side of the equation, we have a young beis yakov school, growing by leaps and bounds, with approx 100 new students each and ever year. They quickly filled their small scooll building within the first 3 years of their existence. This is due to the popularity of the school. Also, please note that there are ALL local girls, not only from RBSA (without exception) but all from within a 5-7 minute walk of the school building in question.

    Now, the new first grade, 3 classes with about 100 girls, has no where to go to school. This is due to the hatred of the chilonim against the Chareidim. They refuse, over the Mayors judgement and decision, to let the young girls from Beis Yakov use EMPTY classrooms.

    Thats right. The chair of chiloni education prefers to have empty classrooms in a building, while chareidi girls are not able to sit at a normal desk, in a normal classroom setting.

    This is pure hatred. This is pure antisemitism.

    Now in case you think that there will be a mix of the 2 schools and the children, which might lead to fights (though doubtful, as we are talking about 1st grade here) - alas, its impossible, because the truth is its 2 buildings connected in the middle, with seperate entrances. Meaning, there is no mixing of the different populations. There is just pure hatred of the chareidim.

    If the tables were turned, do you think it would take the High Court more than 4 minutes to overturn this decision and let the girls with a school building into this school?

    Oh, and by the way, dont talk to me about the kanoim from RBSB, thats not related here.

  3. Do you know what the word antisemitism means? The people who are currently in the building are JEWS, semites as well. Not every issue against any Jew is antisemitism- and you cheapen the word by claiming it in every case.

  4. anon- this is not pure hatred and pure anti-semitism. This is part of a broader fight in which they feel threatened all over the city. This does not stand on its own. Did you see the articles in chadash about the plans organizing groups for haredim to buy up sections of old bet shemesh?
    A school building of theirs is suddenly being taken away, in part, and they should just say ok, that makes sense...

    they feel as though they are under threat. Did Abutbol go and talk to them about it and see what they think and present them with options or did he simply announce he is sticking a haredi school in the building.
    Do they realize that this is only a first step to being thrown out completely?

    This is part of a larger fight in which others came in and took over their city. I understand them.

  5. Apparently, the chareidim backed down and are not taking over half the school... this year. They got a signed document that they will get the school next year though.


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