Aug 2, 2009

starting construction on the new Mizbei'ach (video)


  1. the mizbeach had pvc pipes in the middle of it?

    Who's idea was this? - they plan on moving it when the time comes - or use it there?

    Why were they answering amen to brachos said with out shem Hashem?

    Why were they being said without shem Hashem?

    Something there seemed not Kosher - like a different entertainment for the afternoon...

  2. SBW, that's just because you've never been to a mizbei'ach building ceremony before.


  3. Where did this take place? Doesn't look like Har HaBayit to me... I agree with SBW, if these guys were seriously building a mizbei-ah they would have a lot more stones in there and wouldn't be bringing the tar in ladle by ladle. BTW, what happens to the tar when you have fire burning on top of it 24 hours a day for the rest of eternity?

  4. I don't have answers for any of the questions except 1 - where it took place. The Arutz7 news report about it going to happen said east of Mitzpe Yericho. That is all I know,.

    As far as the rest - I expect this is meant to be a temporary altar, not the final permanent one, like most of the vessels made by Machon HaMikdash. It will be ready to use when the Beis Hamikdash will be built, giving them time to build the permanent one. For example, the real dimanesions of the altar, at least in second temple were 32x32 amos. This is much smaller. It will be ready to be used right away, and they will have time to construct the permanent one.

    same of menora - they did not make it gold, with all the specs of the Torah. they made it the best they could making it kosher to be used right away. After that the real menora will be made.

  5. Disposable Kei'lim.

  6. Earn money from homeAugust 02, 2009 1:00 PM

    I heard their motto is: O'BAMA! Yes we can build it!

  7. This video, along with a short report, is on INN. The reader comments there are getting hot.


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