Aug 20, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

Ya`alon showed his true face with comments on Peace Now

--- MK Ophir Pines-Paz (Labor)

People can say whatever they want about the "settlers" and the haredim, but when it comes to talking about the leftists like Peace Now people, and everybody has to condemn it. Even Bibi is supposedly going to be calling Yaalon in for a smackdown.


  1. Come on, Rafi, you know he's not been summoned because of his "Peace Now" comments. He's being summoned because he had the audacity to shake Moshe Feiglin's hand and speak at a Manhigut Yehudit function. That is way more frightening to Bibi than anything else!

    I hope he keeps his spine when he meets Bibi tonight for his roasting session. My feeling is he will; he's too straight a guy to be bullied into submission; he'd rather resign from the knesset than be dishonest.

  2. Shaul- your're probably right on this one.
    Check out Arutz Sheva here,
    where Feiglin is quoted as saying תצביע איך שתצביע העיקר עכשיו תתפקד לליכוד
    Bibi has reason to fear someone who is telling non-Likud voters to join the party, even if they plan on continuing to vote for someone else.

  3. boogie is a looser, one more general who thinks that the government is going to fall into his lap. we don't need (and i certainly don't want) another ariel sharon. the first and real sharon was bad enough.

  4. Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer has called the settlers a "cancer".

    No one could care less.


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