Sep 7, 2010

Tefillat Ha'Ne'arot - The Prayer of the Girls

This is a very powerful and moving video about the Disengagement from Gush Katif called Tefillat He'Ne'arot - the Prayer of The Girls.

Unfortunately I cannot embed it here, so you have to watch it on the Mako website.

This video is a new film that looks at the Disengagement but from a different perspective than previous videos. Previous films looked at the Disengagement form the perspective of the destruction, the destroying of the yishuvim and buildings, the removal, the fighting, etc. This looks at it focusing on the last 1000 girls who were singing and praying in the shul to the very end - they were the last people to be removed from Gush Katif.

There is female singing in the video, so if you wish to avoid it, dont watch. The singing is all in a very large group in the shul, and no individual voices are heard. Caveat Emptor.


  1. Some of the program was from a previous broadcast that can be found here on YouTube.

  2. I'm watching this video right now (while doing other things, of course) and the commercials strike me as rather tasteless for this particular video!

  3. When the girls singing in the synagogue is put into proper context, the ugly disgusting truth begins to emerge.

    1. The girls were brought cunningly into the synagogue by the Yesha Council to sing for an hour or two to ensure the expulsion forces could do their treachery without any resistance.

    2. Shlomo Aviner, who was working for the expulsion forces and the Yesha Council, tore his shirt at the end as a signal to the expulsion forces outside that it was time to come in and throw the girls out of the synagogue.

    Focusing on the singing and the heartbreak is a device used to distract people from the real story, which is the treachery of the Yesha Council and Shlomo Aviner.


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