Sep 15, 2010

Leonard Cohen: Who By Fire (video)

I was just going to post one of the regular versions of Leonard Cohen's "Who by Fire", which is a High Holiday appropriate song coming out of the piyut B'Rosh Hashana, such as this fantastic one:

when I stumbled across Blog in DM's post pointing me to this absolutely amazing one in which he is accompanied by Sonny Rollins:


  1. I just played it about 5 times. Awesome!

  2. It has made me weep uncontrolably - not really sure why.

  3. The first occasion that Cohen and Rollins performed this was on David Sanborne's tv show called "A Little Night Music/ Sunday Night" about 20 yrs ago. I don't know who conceived this amazing synergy, but as well as Sanborne, it included Was Not Was on background vocals along with Cohen's own singers. Maybe the most memorable musical performances that I have ever experienced, and it came out of left field on network television. While being amazed at Rollin's recent 80th B'day concert at the Beacon, I was hoping we would get blessed with an encore reunion.
    You can find this original performance on Youtube.


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