Sep 26, 2010

Chabad and Flat Stanley (video)

Chabad is frequently compared to Coca Cola.. while watching this video the thought suddenly came to me that Chabad is even more like Flat Stanley..


  1. This is entirely tangential, but what's with the untucked shirt thing? You can see it at the beginning of the video. I don't recall this being a Chabad style when I was young; but now I see all the young visiting Chabadskers dressed in suit and hat, with the shirt untucked. Looks just plain sloppy to me.

  2. somehow that has become the chabad look. it is one of the easy ways of identifying a chabadnik..

  3. Rafi,

    They're playing off this video:

  4. I know but it still made me think of Flat Stanley showing up in the craziest of places around the world.

  5. I helped my nephew with his Flat Stanley project several years ago....

    Had him at the shuk, dancing with a bunch of Breslovers and hanging out with a group of Chayalim.

    My sister said his were the most original of the class :)

  6. I helped my niece from chicago with hers a few years ago. I took Stanley to Kever Yosef in Shchem, the Kotel, work in Ramat Gan, among other places


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