Sep 16, 2010

Protest in Geula (video)

This is video from a random protest started yesterday in Geula.. The guy was stupid to get out of his car and go into a mob that is known to get violent, and he was lucky to get out unharmed..


  1. what did that kid do?

  2. it's a levaya.

    I'm not sure what the kid did, but the driver got out and came out, so some young guys started up with him and were stopped by the Rabbanim right away.

  3. its not a levaya. it was a hafgana against the digging of graves in Yaffo

  4. I was taken on a wild bus ride as buses were redirected from rehov Strauss and it took me an hour to get back to the shiur that I was an hour late for!

    Oh, well, as some would say, welcome to Israel!


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