Sep 12, 2010

Boker Tov, Shana Tova

Boker Tov, Shavua Tov, Chodesh Tov, Shana Tova.

I hope by now you have remembered to "change your clocks" back an hour, if you live in Israel. If not, here is your reminder to do so..

I hope you had a wonderful Rosh Hashana - I did. It was a cycle of shul to food to shul to food to shul to food...and was wonderful in all the various sections and parts. Three Cheers to Mrs. G who made the food and house portions of the holiday so great, Three cheers to the people who made the shul portions great.

And I got to learn some new (new to me, that is) customs that I had not been familiar with before - dipping bread in sugar rather than honey, unusual psukim chanted before kiddush, apples cooked in a carmelized sugar sauce (instead of dipping them in honey), some of the simanim and yehi ratzons were slightly different than what we are used to...


  1. "if you live in Israel. If not, here is your reminder to do so.."

    I assume you mean that you are reminding people who don't live in Israel to live in Israel - right?

    Shana Tova to you too! Had a lovely RH and Shabbat.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Thank you for reminding me! I was just about to take my kids to Gan an hour early!

  3. Risa - cute. I like it.

    RBSer - happy I posted, I wondered if anybody would actually need the reminder by the time they checked the news and eventually got to Life in Israel I figured they would have been reminded elsewhere. I guess it was worth it.

  4. Funny you should say that. We got a call from our daughter in Israel, who works in security.
    She got up at 2:30 a.m. for her shift, thinking that it was 3:30 a.m.
    She forgot the clock had changed!

  5. Sounds like you had a Sephardic Rosh Hashana Seder. Glad you enjoyed.

  6. yaak - 2nd night. Iraqi. had a wonderful night.

  7. Our 2nd night was wonderful too.

    Someone once told me a story. He was Teimani and he invited some Ashkenazi guests over. He then told them that it is a Teimani minhag to dance around the table like African tribesmen before Kidush. The guests went along with it and did the 'minhag baal habayit'. After about 5 mins of them prancing round the table he then said "just kidding. We don't really do that" :-)

  8. is that what it was??? :-)
    we asked our Iraqi neighbors about the chanting before kiddush - they didnt do any such thing... :-)

  9. Rafi if it weren't for you my husband would have had me fooled (spoiled, really). He changed all the clocks after I went to sleep last night - everyone got up at the new time and made it to school. And I would have realized what happened when I missed the zman to daven mincha.....


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