May 2, 2011

Quote Of The Day

One would expect from the human rights organizations, from the human rights council of the United Nations in Geneva and from all who desire freedom in the world, a condemnation of the targeted assassination of Osama bin Laden, without having been given a fair trial prior to his execution. One would expect that the human rights organizations would condemn the targeted assassination that the NATO forces perpetrated against the son of Qaddafi and his 3 grandchildren and thereby caused great harm to international justice. If these condemnations do not come forth, the human rights organizations will have reached a new low of hypocrisy.

  -- Professor, and former Minister, Amnon Rubinstein

only an Israeli can have the chutzpah to say this..

1 comment:

  1. I don't know what Amnon Rubinstein intended by his statement; but the statement that Human Rights Organization are hypocrites if they do not condemn the targeted assassination of Bin Laden, AFTER ALL THE YEARS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN CONDEMNING ISRAEL FOR ITS TARGETED ASSASSINATIONS OF TERRORISTS, certainly seems to be a true statement to me.


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