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Jun 27, 2018

Belgian model poses nude by the Kotel

Marisa Papen is a provocative Belgian model. She travels the world taking photographs of herself posing nude in front of landmarks and famous places. She has been arrested before for her behavior, such as in Egypt when she posed nude in front of the pyramids. Papen has come to Israel and posed nude on a rooftop in the Old City overlooking the Kotel and part of Temple Mount and posted the picture online.

No, I am not going to post it here, though here is a blurred copy of the photograph, from a news media FB page:

Interestingly, along with the picture they posted that they made sure not to include any mosques or the Dome of the Rock in the background of the picture, so as not to upset the Muslims and hurt their feelings.

She clearly was not so concerned about hurting the feelings of Jews, as many are calling for her to be arrested for this act of public indecency.

I would add that the fact that she didnt include the Dome of the Rock in her picture so as not to harm the sensibilities of the Muslims but she did show the Kotel shows that she thinks Muslims are animals who cannot control themselves and go wild when they get upset about something, whereas Jews dont get violent when they get upset. This picture is really a compliment to the Jews! If I were a Muslim I might be even more insulted now!

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  1. Some people just have no respect for others. She sounds like a really nasty person.

  2. The illustration of Kedusha inciting a counter reaction of tuma is perfect for the episode of Bnos Moav and Baal Peor.

    1. Great comment!!
      Nothing by chance!!!
      This week's pasta!!


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