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Jun 13, 2018

no more drivers license

This issue has been under consideration for a while, and according to Ynet yesterday it was finally approved by the Knesset Finance Committee.

You no longer need to have your drivers license with you while driving. The same goes for the car registration license. The only thing that must be in the car now is the mandatory insurance slip.

Until now if you were caught driving without your license on you or without the car registration you could have been slapped with a 100nis fine. Now all you will need to carry is regular identification - any one of the following items; drivers license, teudat zehut, or Israeli passport. The police will check that you have a valid license via their computer system.

According to Minister Yisrael Katz this will minimize the level of bureaucracy by not requiring drivers to get a duplicate license after misplacing or losing theirs or after misplacing the car registration license, and it will, somehow, make it easier for the police to check drivers. I am not quite sure how but maybe they wont need to ask for the license and check it but will go straight to their online systems, saving them a step or two.

way to go! I am happy about any changes that make the life of the average person a little easier and less stressful. I recently misplaced my drivers license and was fretting looking for it. I was resigned to going and paying for a duplicate license when thankfully I found it. With such a directive in place, no more stress because there is no need for it!

I wonder if they will just stop handing it out, except by special request, when people qualify or renew. After all, there is no need to carry it anyway.

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