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Jun 13, 2018

extremists protesting what they need

There is some new fight going on with the extremists in RBS B now.

The extremists are upset about a female psychologist in town that has claimed to have approval for her work from the Eida Hachareidis, and she is treating a yeshiva bochur. To that end they spread pashkevilim around town saying that an open door is an invitation for thieves and they therefore are calling on people to harass her by calling her number, which they published, and if we do not do so, this will be just the beginning of such sins.

In response the psychologist says that they are just extremists and are looking for bad and not to actually help the community and that she consults with a rav at every stage. She claims they took their claims to the local neighborhood rav and insisted he sign a letter against her, which he refused to do. And, if someone wants to come get treated by me, they can/should ask their rav first.
source: Actualic

1. how do they know who is getting treated by this psychologist? This is information that is normally kept confidential.
2. Are they against all psychologists or just this specific one?
3. Are they upset at her because she is treating a yeshiva bochur and there is nothing wrong with yeshiva bochurim?
4. Are they upset because it is a female doctor treating a male yeshiva bochur? Do they protest against every other female doctor who does so?
5. Are they only upset because she isnt Eida approved though they say she claims to be?
6. Maybe the right way to deal with this is this exact issue - they should all get treatment from a psychologist, though perhaps not this one...

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  1. It's a woman. In public. Working with young men. Of course they're going to protest. There is no logic behind it. If they can damage the Parnassah of a woman, they are going to protest.

  2. Who advised this yeshiva student to get help from a female psychologist? Many would find this disturbing.


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