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Jun 17, 2018

Haredi politicians ok with chilul shabbos, elsewhere

While all the threats and attacks on the Eurovision competition happening in Israel next year seem to be falling away, for now, there is only one remaining. Well, maybe two, if you count the possibility of Miri Regev politicizing it enough as she did the exhibition game with Argentina...

The last threat standing is local politics, specifically the Haredi politicians, though they seem to be resigned to it happening as well.

The Eurovision administration has said that Jerusalem is fine, any location in Israel is fine, as long as the specific location meets the professional and technical standards required. The only question remaining is the chilul shabbos aspect, and what the Haredi politicians and askanim will do about it.

According to a recent news report on Mako, as reported by Haredim10, the Haredi MKs have requested from PM Benjamin Netanyahu that if it has to happen in Israel and has to include chilul shabbos, as the rules set by Eurovision requires it, at least keep it out of Jerusalem - out of sight, out of mind - and hold the competition somewhere where we wont see it and it wont disturb us.

on the one hand it is good that they realize the limits of their power and influence and how important so many Israelis, and the politicians, feel this is that they aren't willing to flex their political muscle on getting it cancelled and pulled from Israel.

on the other hand, since when are they ok with public chilul shabbos outside of Jerusalem - "in any other city where we wont see it", as they said...? Why is that a good solution for them? They do not allow public transportation in Tel Aviv or anywhere else (with Haifa being the exception), they fought strongly against more stores being open on Shabbos in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, they every now and again fight against the work on the railroad tracks - even though they have yet to have any significant victory on this issue, and more. Why are they not fighting this stronger? Since when are they ok with chilul shabbos just because the Israelis really want it (if that's the reason)?

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  1. More nonsensical crap. The Rabbanim say - we are not going to win this battle - but at least get this crap out of the holiest place in Israel. And Rafi sees "Oh, we're ok with Chilul Shabbos as long as its not in Jerusalem" - Do you purposely see things in this light?

    1. It should be pretty obvious to one and all that the charedi population of Israel doesn't give a fig as to whether the wider community (who they dismiss) or the State (which they think is pasul) keeps mitzvot. If anything, a religious country would be threatening to their power and privileges, which are the only things they care about. I challenge you to find one Israeli who's become more religious as a result of an action taken by a UTJ politician or their supposed leaders.


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