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Jun 28, 2018

Proposed Law: Service Providers Terms of Service for changing seats

MK Meirav Michaeli (Hamachane Hatzioni) has proposed a law that would prohibit a company that is a service provider from requesting to make a change to the terms of the service. This would prohibit the airlines from asking a person seated on the plane to change places to another seat, even if the reason for the request is for religious reasons. Such a request would be considered discrimination.
source: Kol Hai News

I am not sure what this law would accomplish more than the law that is already on the books that asking a passenger to switch seats based on gender is considered discrimination of services and is illegal. Michaeli says that considering the repeated instances of this happening, we need to drill down and make an even clearer and more explicit law about this.

This seems to me to be a bit over-reaching just to accomplish one point, saying a service provider cannot change the terms of service. I think that is too much government intervention and might unintentionally harm many businesses. If a company wants to raise its prices or change its offer, why can't it do so in communication with the client?

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  1. Would this law mean that it would always be illegal for an airline to ask a passenger to change seats.
    Lets say airline staff ask a passenger to move to a different seat to accommodate a family that were transferred to the flight at the last minute but want to sit together, is that automatically against the law?
    What if there is a problem with weight distribution on the plane and they need some passengers to move further back, or there is a seat with a technical problem (e.g., broken seat-belt) and they need another passenger to move over one row to accommodate the passenger booked in the broken seat.

    seems like a really silly law to me.
    And if the only purpose is to show travelers who prefer to sit next to someone of the same gender that they are being silly, the law if exceptionally silly.

  2. Making everything into a law is in itself stupid and usually has evil implications. There are no more manners, ethics, proper behavior or plain old common decency. No one has to go an inch out of their way to accommodate someone else. This is the world in these chaotic and sometimes uncivilized time.
    There is a reason they are doing this and that's because they're really after the chareidim who want to sit beside their own gender and that's what's bothering them. It's plain hatred.


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