Mar 14, 2019

Arab Muslim teacher in Yeshiva High School (video)

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  1. until he is offered 3 times his salary to massacre students...

  2. This looks like a great project, wonder how we could encourage it in other Yeshivot

  3. What is wrong with our people? Why in the world would a 'yeshivah' hire someone who is outwardly of another religion to teach in the school? Aren't there enough of the public schools where they love those who are killing them more than their fellow religious Jews? When will our people learn that they owe their allegiance to H' and His Torah and its commandments, many of which are conveniently overlooked. We are talking about a YESHIVAH here; what kind of yeshivah - Reform?

    1. I am not sure how this is against allegiance to Hashem or how this makes them Reform, even if the decision is a bad one (as you think)


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