Mar 28, 2019

Moshe Feiglin, the Kingmaker

The most ironic thing about the elections at this point is that it looks like Moshe Feiglin is likely to be the kingmaker come April 10.

Feiglin has been largely irrelevant since entering politics something like 15 years ago. After wallowing in the Likud for a bunch of years wielding little to no influence, Feiglin has formed his own party that he is finally running. Even since he has largely been inconsequential, but recently his campaign has picked up momentum and the polls show him doing pretty well, definitely passing the threshold and likely a few mandates beyond that.

With the recent polls showing Gantz and Netanyahu neck and neck, and the right and left blocks also pretty close, at this point it looks likely it is going to come down to whom Feiglin decides to support.

Feiglin cannot be counted for either side. He himself today said, "I am not in anybody's pocket". He has said in the past, when asked, that he will support whichever candidate allows him to push more of his platform and agenda. In Feiglin's view, Gantz and Netanyahu are more or less the same. Feiglin does not consider Netanyahu to be right wing, and therefore does not automatically prefer him. Netanyahu might be "right", but he advances leftist agenda, so there is no objective benefit to supporting Netanyahu.

Moshe Feiglin has become the kingmaker. Who would have thought?


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