Mar 31, 2019

Quote of the Day

The damage that might happen from Bennett not knowing is less than the damage that might happen by the enemy knowing..

  -- PM Benjamin Netanyahu, responding to Bennett's attack about Netanyahu "going it alone" responding to Gaza rather than involving the "Cabinet" of government ministers to decide together..

There are a few interesting aspects to this:
1. Netanyahu prefers to "go it alone". Maybe because of politics and elections and does not want anyone else taking any credit. Maybe he does not trust anyone else. Maybe there are other reasons.

2. from what he said, the chance of the enemy knowing what the cabinet discusses and decides is a significant risk means he has a leak from his Cabinet and he knows it. What else has been compromised in the past 4 years of this cabinet? What else has Netanyahu gone all alone on rather than involve the people he selected to help him run his government?

3. It is amazing how Netanyahu treats Bennett and in response Bennett continues to repeatedly support Netanyahu (at least publicly). Bennett seems to suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome with Netanyahu. Time and again Bennett expresses his unwavering support for Netanyahu as PM, and time and again Netanyahu treats Bennett like he is undeserving, not capable, not trustworthy and not a true partner. And despite all that Bennett continues to support Netanyahu. It says as much about how strong Netanyahu is as it says how weak Bennett is.
I would like to see Bennett stand up to him once. Maybe pull his support. Even if he plans on supporting Netanyahu for PM after elections, make him work for it. He should announce that he no longer trusts Netanyahu's decision making and will reconsider his support for PM. He should say as of now he is not supporting any candidate for PM and will decide after the elections. His electorate will know he only has one option anyway, but he need not be so deep in Netanyahu's pocket. He should be showing a little independence.

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  1. Bennet's public support for Bibi is pure politics.
    He knows that many of his potential voters are Likud supporters, he needs to send the message that voting for him supports Likud, doesn't undermine it, otherwise he will lose those votes to Likud.

  2. 1. It is funny that today Ganz is being attacked for at some point not trusting some of the leadership in his party. Bibi has always preferred to be a one man show. He has refused to appoint a permanent Deputy Prime Minister to be able to handle a crisis when he is out of the country or incapacitated. He was even taken to court for holding too many important ministries.

    2. There are only 2 people who can convene the Security Cabinet: the Prime Minister or the Defence Minister. If PM Bibi or DM Bibi feel this is better handled without the full cabinet than they know best. It should be no different than the decision to rubber stamp the sale of submarines to Egypt.

    3. The Bennett/Bibi rivalry goes back a long time to when they worked together. Bennett looks like an idiot every time he tries to appear to be standing up to Bibi. Everyone has gone along with Bibi's claim that he is the head of the Right Wing bloc. Bennett doesn't have a choice but to publicly support Bibi. I think he throws these tantrums in order to show that there is a difference between him and Bibi. As Shaked said, Bibi adopts policy based on who he happens to have in his coalition.


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