Mar 13, 2019

campaigns picking up steam

Finally! I love it! Even though nobody is talking much policy in this election campaign, finally they are talking about other things than which prime ministerial candidate they would recommend to the President for the formation of the next government.

As we get closer to the elections and the polls become less meaningless (not more meaningful, just less meaningless), parties are finally noticing the people they expected to vote for them might not actually do so.

So, we have UTJ attacking Feiglin, Likud attacking Feiglin, Blue and White, and The New Right. Bennett is attacking Blue and White and Feiglin. Shas is attacking Kachol Lavan, quietly the Likud, Yisrael Beyteynu, and Feiglin. Everyone is attacking the Otzma Yehudit people. Labor seems to be entirely ignored, as is Meretz, and we already know nobody will sit with the Arabs so they can be ignored as well. Kachol Lavan is attacking Feiglin, the New Right, and the Likud. Kachlon is attacking Kachol Lavan, though I haven't noticed anybody bothering to attack them..

Feiglin seems to have become a central figure - important enough to be attacked by many of the other parties who until now felt they could ignore him.

The campaigning is finally picking up a little steam and becoming interesting!

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  1. I have only been receiving political text messages from 2 sources. One is for a seker that I don't know the source. The other has been regular texts from Kulanu which I have been ignoring.

    Yesterday, I received a text from 'ANTTIKAHLON' They said don't vote for Kahlon because he is going to shut down the chemical plants in Haifa Bay.

    1. I have gotten a few sekers recently as well, and I too do not know who they are coming from. I will note that each time I give a different answer

  2. "As ... the polls become less meaningless (not more meaningful, just less meaningless)..."

    Great line, Rafi!


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