Mar 24, 2019

Quote of the Day

We are not allowed to travel on buses with segregation between men and women. Is there a country in the world that does not allow gender segregation on the bus? Besides for this country, as here they do not allow it. This is a country of idol worship. even the Nazis knew that you have to separate the women's and men's residences...

  -- Rav Aviezer Piltz, rosh yeshiva of Tifrach Yeshiva, at a UTJ election rally

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  1. Is there a country which DOES allow gender segregation on public transportation?

  2. the good rabbi has no experience in the world with anything but arch-extremist haredi type societies...

  3. Rabbi Piltz compared segregation on buses to the Nazis who "knew that you have to separate the women's and men's residences".. so, does Rabbi Piltz think that men and women should live separately and have separate residences - because the Nazis required it?

    1. Really have to wonder about a guy who aspires to be like Nazis.


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