Mar 26, 2019

Criticize Gantz for his policies, not his stutter

Anybody who has watched any of Benny Gantz's recent speeches or interviews has noticed that he has some sort of a stutter, perhaps even a formal speech impediment. Many people are in a tizzy over Gantz's stutter saying that he sounds ridiculous and is not appropriate for the position of Prime Minister because of his stutter and because of how poorly he interviewed - pointing to his stutter-impediment as proof.

Please stop. Criticize and oppose Gantz for his policies and his positions all you want. It is pathetic to criticize him for a stutter. We live in 2019 and a person's stutter should not be an issue to criticize and it should not be something that is scoffed at, attacked or a cause for judgement of worthiness.

Winston Churchill had a stutter, as does Tiger Woods. Joe Biden, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Branson, B.B. King, Elvis Presley and Jack Welch - among many others. And they all accomplished great things despite the stutter.

I find this very distasteful. Again, criticize and oppose him for his policies, not for his stutter.

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