Dec 27, 2020

getting the COVID-19 vaccine in NY

According to news reports, Parcare Community Health Network is under investigation for fraudulently obtaining doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and violating the distribution plan of prioritizing healthcare workers and the elderly. They allegedly vaccinated non-qualifying people in Boro Park and Williamsburg.

There is a reasonable debate, or complaint, about the distribution plan, with the governor of NY and the mayor of NY not putting the Jewish neighborhoods high on the priority list for receiving the vaccines. They were definitely among the harder hit communities - restrictions along the way even recognized that with Jewish neighborhoods at times being singled out with restrictions because of their high infection rates. Yet now that the vaccine is being distributed, the Jewish neighborhoods aren't being counted among the harder hit communities and aren't being given priority for receiving the vaccinations. That is a fair complaint. The mayor of NY, and the governor, should have to respond to that and explain.

Regardless of that, I do fid it funny that in the communities that until now have been accused of, and defamed for, refusing to take vaccines, now they are in trouble for running to be the first to take vaccines.

What a strange world.

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