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Dec 6, 2023

municipal elections back on the schedule

Minister of Interior Moshe Arbel has decided there will be no more delays in municipal elections. The elections will be held January 30, 2024. Towns that have been evacuated (north or south) will hold elections 5 months after they go back to their towns.

I dont see how this can happen in a way that will ensure fair elections in which everybody has the right to vote and representatives running for office will have the ability to compete fairly.

The country is at war. This isnt just a situation of soldiers voting the normal way, on base, in their downtime. The country is at war. Thousands and thousands of soldiers are in Gaza, and seemingly will continue to be for a while. Will the country truck in ballots to Gaza for the soldiers and set them up to take a break from fighting and vote? If not then they are not being given their right to vote. And, that gives others an unfair advantage in the elections. But let's say they can make it happen, everyone will get their chance to vote.

There are still a lot of candidates themselves, or people who work for candidates, serving in miluim, either on a base somewhere, performing guard duty, in Gaza, in training, whatever it may be - how are they supposed to campaign for whatever offices they are running for when they are serving in miluim, fighting in Gaza, serving the country?

I dont see how it is reasonable to hold elections at the end of January, unless Arbel thinks the war will be over by then.

Additionally, the politics talk has been on a low flame since the war started. Start elections now, bring back campaigns, and surely the fighting will begin to increase again. As the war drags on it is already starting to happen anyway, throw political campaigns into it and it is a recipe for disaster on the home front during a war. 

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