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Dec 6, 2023

stockpiling humanitarian aid in Gaza

The Gaza Report on Twitter/X reported a short while ago that Gazan civilians somehow discovered that UNRWA was storing humanitarian aid food, while they have no food available and food on the black market is skyrocketing.

The civilians got upset to discover the UNRWA stage of food designated for them but not being distributed to them. They made a run on the warehouses and raided them taking food and supplies.

The question is why UNRWA is storing the aid rather than distributing it. 

My theory is that they are storing [some of] the aid so they can use it to feed the Israeli hostages their agents are holding....

Nah, forget it. They wouldnt feed the hostages they hold. At least not enough to need to store all that aid - just a pittance if anything. They must be storing it for Hamas.

Good thing Israel decided to let in humanitarian aid after world pressure insisted on it. Maybe the world should pressure UNRWA to distribute some of it...

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