Oct 4, 2008

Allah in a mango

While these types of stories generally happen with Christians finding images of either Jesus or Mary in various items, such as grilled cheese sandwiches or oil spills, it has now happened with Allah and a mango.

This has led me to wonder what such a story would be like for a Jew. Whose name would we find in our kishke or potato kugel? What image would we spot in our latke oil?

Would we find Moshe Rabbeinu's image? How would we know it was him - would it look like Charlton Heston? Would we find Theodore Herzl, Vlad Jabotinsky, David Ben-Gurion or Menachem Begin peeking out from our cholent bowl? Perhaps the Rambam, the Ramchal or the Chofetz Chaim would be spotted in the shabbos candle wax?

I don't know - it just does not seem as impressive as Allah in a mango or Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich...


  1. I once thought I saw the image of Jackie Mason in a piece of gefilte fish. Does that count?

  2. rafi-
    Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Hysterical. How about Moshe Feiglin in a kugel Yerushalmi?

  4. Many Ashkenazi Jews (at least the men) worship cholent. So an image of their god appears weekly at lunch. Others (also men) worship at the alter of Jack Daniel, an he appears on food containers more often. Since these events are so common among Jews, they are not newsworthy.

    (Personally, I worship Ben Franklin, and to a lesser extent, Ulysses Grant. However, I haven't seen an image of them in a long time. Lately I've seen images of Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Jefferson, but only on metals.)

  5. I wanted to add the possibility of the cholent beans spelling out somebodies name.... but I forgot. Maybe Alan Greenspan...

  6. BS - the Moslems, like the Jews, have no image for G-d. Their Prophet - maybe. Clean-up your act!

  7. anon - in this case it was not an image - it was the name spelled out.

  8. Have you guys ever been to see the 'evil eye' lady of Geula, Jm?

    She gets eye-shapes to appear out of lumps of molten lead.

    She keeps dipping the lead until all the 'eyes' have gone - at which point the evil eye is declare vanquished.

    Worked for me.

  9. there are a lot of them. I went to one a long time ago. My wife took the kids to one as well.
    Did it work? I have no idea.

  10. I once saw Ernie Banks image on a package of baseball cards. ;)


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