Oct 7, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road?

How many answers do you know to the age old question "Why did the chicken cross the road?"?

There are plenty of answers, and you can find oodles of them just by typing the question into Google...

But we now have a new answer... To get away from the Shochet!

Some chicken was used for kapparot at one of these kapparot stands in Upper Nazareth. Before the shochet could whack it, the chicken made a daring escape. For three days he eluded the search parties, and wreaked havoc around the neighborhood waking local residents with his cackling.

After three days they finally caught it, and brought it to its executioner to meet its fate. This time, there was no escape.

one positive result of this incident, is a new answer to the above question..

(thanks to Jameel for pointing me to the story..)


  1. I can't believe I never thought of such an answer.

    Makes it really sound like the shochet is the bad guy here though.

  2. Why did the Lema'an Achai chickens cross over to the KST??

  3. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_did_the_chicken_cross_the_road


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