Oct 30, 2008

BS Breaking Election News

Two items of Breaking (local, municipal) Election News that could be very influential in the looming elections:

  1. Chabad of Ramat Bet Shemesh has decided to officially support TOV in the upcoming elections. They are telling their people to hang TOV signs, to vote TOV and to push TOV as much as they can. That means that this additional boost of at least 500 votes (possibly more because of non-chabad people who support chabad) could well indicate that TOV now might even have the coveted third mandate in its sights as a very real possibility.

  2. Last night Gur of Bet Shemesh signed with Shalom Lerner. They announced last week that it was their intention, then they got cold feet and went running to Abutbol (related to national Gur issues). When Abutbol could not offer them anything serious, because he gave away all the jobs already to everyone else who signed earlier, they came back to Lerner and last night signed with him. This is a big boost for Lerner and his campaign.


  1. Mazal tov Shalom Lerner!!!

  2. "TOV now might even have the coveted third mandate in its sights"

    Rafi do you really think so? 3 seats is alot. UTJ and shas with their large folowing only managed 3 each last time. Wher will Tov get so many votes from?

  3. they already expected to pass one, just between their own supporters and Rav Alons. Add Chabad and some others, and they are on the verge of two. there are rumors of other communities signing on, and if ti happens three is within reach, I dont know that they will get it, but it is something they can aim for...

  4. what's the mazel tov?
    do any of you realize what this means?
    Ger rules the kirya. they have stolen the land which was suppose to be a matnas for the kehila- there are no chugim for kids, no library nothing from the city in the kirya. They have taken so much land- why does one chadsidut need over six shuls in the kirya! Lerner is giving them way to much power and beleive me he'll regret it. They believe that it's a mitzva to steal from the medina- which allows them to forge documents in order qualify to live in the goverment housing projects located on Ben Azai. I know many gerrers who openly unashamed told me thier creative methods of getting what they need from the goverment. all sanctioned by their "rabbis". One man told me his wife earns a living by writing term papers for other gerrer women in BA programs.
    Lerner lost my vote. I am not intrested in a city council with these kinds of people with so much power, they have enough already.


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