Oct 26, 2008

the end to the "shidduch crisis"?

The solution to the shidduch crisis might have been discovered. All it takes, the theory goes, is a simple course for yeshiva guys how to talk to girls.

Those silent moments in between questions? They will load you up with topics of conversation so you will not have any of those moments. They'll teach you how to decide.

With the advent of this course, we should start to see an upswing in engagements and the lowering of the age of marriage in yeshivas...

The truth is that the headline of the article is inaccurate and a bit deceptive. The article says the course is for "avreichim". Avreichim are married yeshiva students.
When I first saw the headline, I assumed it was to teach them how to talk to women when they are at the point of leaving kollel and going to find a job outside in the general world. Then I read the article and saw it is for unmarried students and shidduchim.


  1. B"H

    ...and don't forget, how to identify, and deal with highly intrusive and otherwise inappropriate shadkaniyoth who ask unnecessary questions, and live vicariously through the lives of their match ups, setting up great guys with girls who remind them of themselves, while their husbands thank the Almighty for giving their wives something to do, so that they don't annoy them so much.

    {No, not all shadkaniyoth are like this. It our own fault, as not enough men are involved in this process.}

  2. hmmm my problem is I talk too blunt and scares girls ;)


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