Oct 23, 2008

Kol Hakavod to Shas

We like to laugh and criticize Shas for the way they dont seem to have any actual ideals and as long as they can get some money from the prime Minister they will join a coalition no matter how left wing it is.

Nobody expected Shas to actually hold out against Tzippi Livni for the billion shekel demand they were making. Either they would agree to join her government for much less, as long as her offer would be substantial, or she would refuse to play along as she claimed.

It turns out that Shas has stuck to its guns and is still holding pat for the full price tag of a billion shekels. They must know how desparate Livni is to become Prime Minister. So far they have pushed her offer up to 800 million shekels! That is pretty amazing!

And if you think that she would offer them 800 million and not offer the final 200 to get them to join, we will see in the next few days whether that is a good assumption or not. I think in the end she will pay the price. I think it is a bad move on her part, but that is what she will do.

Kol Hakavod to Shas for successfully getting her to offer so much. And if she makes the final offer a billion shekels, they'd be crazy to not join. They will never see that kind of money again. Even if she offers it, they'll probably never see it, but at least she will have promised it to them.


  1. It's nice that somebody stands by their principles, but not nice that their principles are the funding for their schools and not giving away the land, dividing Jerusalem, or the safety of the millions of Jews living here.

    The choice of Yavne over Yerushalayim - but this time while Yerushalayim still could be saved.

  2. they claim to be holding out for an agreement on not dividing yerushalayim as well. we'll see. Obviously that is getting less media mention than the money. perhaps it is not being treated with the same reverence.

  3. Rafi,

    These child care allowances are absurd. They discourage Chareidim and Arabs from working and actually increase poverty. Not to mention the damage they do to the economy.

    When the allowances were cut Arabs and Chareidim started having fewer children and more of them went to work. I don't see why any government would agree to increase the populations of two groups of people are most against the existence of the state.

    As a working taxpayer it truly upsets me that my tax shekels will funding this.

  4. Menachem - I agree with you 100%, but from their point of view they made great strides in pressuring Livni to give what they want.

  5. If she folds like an old shabbos table cloth in front of Shas, you can only imagine how she will fold under pressure from the US...

  6. Menachem - I don't think you have to worry. Expect to see major restructuring in the kollel system over the next 2 years as foreign donations fall 30-50% due to the world economic problems.

    Increased child allowances may keep some kids fed and clothed who wouldn't otherwise be, but with a fall in kollel stipends people are still going to have to put in some working hours to make the difference.

  7. what happened to the issur of "lo si'hiyeh kadaisha"? - regarding shas, not livni.....

  8. Lo siyeh kadeisha? Please. Its clear that you get all your info from the secular press who loves to play this game.

    Did you know that the ENTIRE israeli political system is based on trying to weasel money from the leading party? Meretz wants for their people. UTJ for theirs. Likud for theirs. shinui for theirs. Mafdal for theirs. Its all the same!!! And to be frank, I would rather my money go to poor kollel famiies than to rich universities and to other groups that flaunt how lehachis they can be. Id rather it go to feed poor people than to fund another disengagment. Id rather it go to yeshivas than to movie theaters and other such "culture" buildings which house issurim.

    Please, look into the system here before you accuse frum people of being a whore

  9. read this... its the "other side"

  10. http://ladaat.net/article.php?do=viewarticle&articleid=3545

  11. anon:

    b/c they're frum, they don't act like whores? please. politics and money, man, that's all it takes to make great bedfellows.


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