Oct 6, 2008

Uman on Rosh Hashana

No, I was not there. But my friend was. He is a Breslaver and just got back from his trip to Uman for RH.

I have no problem with going to Uman for Rosh Hashana. I think in the past I did, but I have reconsidered and decided it is ok. That is, I understand why Breslavers, or other people who somehow feel the connection to Rebbe Nachman as, would go to Uman. It is like any chossid leaving his family to go to his rebbe for yom toc, or yeshiva alumni going back to their yeshiva for yom tov. And that happens all the time. The fact that Rabbi Nachman is dead does not make it much different. And then there are the people who go for the experience of being there. Looking for inspiration perhaps. Perhaps some just want to be where the excitement is.

I asked my friend to tell me something from Uman; something that happened there. He told me there were something like 40,000 people there for the holiday. Many of the people who go are not breslavers, and many are not religious or knowledgeable in these things and how it works to go daven by a kever.

He told me there were some people there who were screaming out that Rabbi Nachman should save us all in the merit of Hashem!

Now, I should reiterate, he told me these were some people. Not the standard peson who was at Uman. Not the breslavers, not the regulars. But some people were praying like that.

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  1. Rafi G blogger par excellance.
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