Oct 30, 2008

Is Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka converting?

The newspaper I read this morning had an item about Ivanka Trump, the daughter of The Donald, being in the process of an orthodox conversion to Judaism.

Seemingly, she is dating Jared Kushner, Jewish and Orthodox supposedly (I don't know him, but that is what the paper said) and they plan on getting married, and she is looking into conversion to allow that to happen.

She has chosen Rabbi Haskel Lookstein to be the converting rabbi.

A quick search on google finds no shortage of celebrity websites discussing the possible conversion. They even say the Ivanka spent the recent holidays (Jewish ones) with the Kushner family, and ate in the sukkah every night of the holiday. That makes her an "Ainah Metzuvah v'Osah" twice over! She'll get plenty of s'char for that!

Anyway, if this actually happens, that means eventually the Trump fortune will fall into Jewish hands. Also, now the meshulachim should feel fine approaching Trump for donations to their organizations, considering his daughter is about to become an Orthodox Jew!

The real question though is if the Israeli Rabbinate will accept this conversion.


  1. Dude you took the words right out of my mouth (or finger tips)

    The 1st thing that came to mind when I read that was "oy the meshulachim will kill her"

    I bet every frum person here thought the same.

    BTW i am going to the US on tuesday for a few weeks, would you like my apartment for a shabbat ?

    2 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet room, + couches.. let me know maybe I can even give u the whole place shabbos chevron

  2. elchonon,

    if you are in Chicago at all, call us or come over and have a meal with us. Rafi has my info, (he's my bro from the same mo)....

  3. wow. I never got such a nice invitation!

  4. Did anyone notice if she kicked the succah on her way out?

  5. Shaya,
    My sister goes to school in chicawgo... my mothers from morton grove so we know how to properly pronounce chicawgo..

    If she converts, will the donald start building luxury sukah's ?

  6. Anon--
    I can't stop laughing at your comment. But I don't think NY was that hot this year.

  7. I think there's a more important issue here. dan l'kaf z'chus, even for a goy, maybe she really wants to convert. but how did this supposedly orthodox guy, date a shiksa for a long time and not have a community uproar? I think it just shows how much money really buy.

    elchonon, who's your sis? what school?


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