Oct 22, 2008

as the dollar rises...

If you remember, Rabbi Berland of Breslav had said that the value of the dollar would rise to 4.5NIS by Cheshvan. At the time the dollar was dipping into the low 3s, and people were very cynical about this "prediction".

It turns out that the dollar has been fighting back and has managed to climb to a recent high in interday trading today of 3.8365.

It still has a way to go before it hits 4.5, but it looks now that Rabbi Berland was not too far off. He predicted it and everybody laughed. looks like I am going to be listening to him as my financial advisor over those guys from Lehman Brothers....


  1. I surely hope the dollar rises, its hurt my finances badly!

  2. My experience with these types of predictions is that if they come true, everyone makes a fuss over them, and if they don't, everyone just ignores them, therefore we only hear about the correct predictions.

    To demonstrate this to some friends at shachris once, I predicted a huge earthquake "soon". With in 3 weeks, there was a big quake in Pakistan.


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