Apr 1, 2009

MK Zoabi openly hostile to Israel

Arab MK Hanin Zoabi granted an interview about her thoughts on Israel and Iran to Shmuel Sokol and David Bedein the Philadelphia Bulletin.

What is amazing is that such a person can sit in the parliament of a government to which she is openly hostile. It is astounding that Israel gives her, and others like her, full rights of a citizen and even to be able to sit as MK.

Yes, minorities must have equal rights, but we are not America. We are israel where the minority wants to destroy us. As long as the minority is willing to accept us and live in peace, they are equals. If they are openly hostile to us and only take advantage of our democracy to use as a strategy to undermine us, then she should be sent packing.

Zoabi openly talsk about her desire to see a nuclear Iran, more Iranian influence in Gaza, her fear of Israel as the agressor, etc.

See the full interview below.

I sent an email to the Organization for Quality Government with the link to the interview. Perhaps they can protest her status as MK.

Jpost has now written about it as well...
The original document of the interview has been taken offline.... so you have to stick with the jpost article for now...

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