Apr 7, 2009

Taking advantage of Birkat HaChama

The tzedaka organizations are also trying to cash in on the way Birkat HaChama has gotten out of proportion. Their latest fund raising campaign was for people to donate and their names would be said by Gadol X immediately after the Birkat HaChama bracha with whatever they requested he daven for for them.

The part of the tzedaka ads that I scanned are about something else. they are announcing that this will be the last time in history the Birkat HaChama will be said!

Do they know something we don't? Is the world coming to an end tomorrow after Birkat HaChama? If Mashiach should come this Nissan (after all, isn't Birkat HaChama on erev pesach supposed to be a harbinger of the geula?), will Birkat HaChama no longer be said in the future?

They are obviously trying to get you to give money because this will be your "last chance ever" for such an opportunity....
I wonder how many people fall for that...


  1. In the first ad they write that it will be the last Bircat hachama in history on Erev Pessah not the last Bircat Hachama in history period.
    The second one brought R.
    Chayim. I think he meant like the first add.

  2. I did not catch that. I see it now. Point is the same though.

  3. they both say the last erev pesach birkas hachama

  4. it doesn't seem like a great time to give them names to concentrate on - how will they have time to daven for everyone individually if they have to go burn the chametz?

  5. 100% Enough AlreadyApril 08, 2009 9:40 AM

    And what about our own local "taking advantage" of Birchas HaChama?

    Kol haKavod to the organziaers of this tremendous Kiddush HaShem! I was appalled however by a certain organization that once again had to plaster its name all over the event.

    Can't we have just one thing w/o commercialization? I have no problem with collecting tzedaka at Birchas haChama but why do we need life size posters all over the place while trying to do this rare mitzva?

  6. Rav Simcha Hacohen Kook here in Rehovot pointed out that another sign of approaching geulah is an earthquake in Rome. (Put that in your pipe and smoke it.)
    Chag Sameach!

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