Apr 2, 2009


1. Minister Gilad Erdan: Lieberman statements reflect positions of Likud, gov`t

2. Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman has already made changes in his new office- he started a new minyan for mincha after work hours followed by a shiur. Hopefully it is the start of making the Justice Ministry and all of the government with more of a Jewish flavor... (source: NRG)

3. The Hermon site will be open to the public for free during pesach. They want the public to be able to enjoy the late winter - Spring Snow. Of course, using the equipment - skis and snowboards and all that stuff will cost money, but at least you can enter for free and just enjoy the snow if you so wish. (source: Ynet)

4. The Rabbanut will be putting special barcode readers in supermarkets. These barcode scanners will block chametz products from being sold inadvertently. Often stores just block off a section of chametz shelves. Somebody might still take, whether by accident or on purpose, a chametz product to purchase. the cashier might not notice and ring it up. This will not allow the product to be scanned and sold. of course this is only good for stores that will only sell by scanning the product. Go to a smaller store where they are not so careful and this will not help. (source: Jpost)

of course, we might be completely better off if we cancel the chametz laws, as Moshe Feiglin wants to do. Doing so would lower the antagonism towards it...

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  1. Several years ago during Pesach, I saw someone taking Chametz from behind the covered section of the supermarket. I was concerned -- if the supermarket can sell it, does that mean that they're selling stolen property (since they sold all their Chametz already)? Or does it invalidate the original sale of the Chametz -- in which case I wouldn't want to buy there after Pesach?

    I got the name and number of the Mashgiach, and called him up. He told me that the computer system wouldn't allow Chametz to be sold. I hope it was true! It does seem like a simpler solution than adding extra barcode scanners.


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