Apr 12, 2009

Signs of the Times

Spending Yom Tov and Shabbos Chol Hamoed in Jerusalem always is a good opportunity for catching up on the latest batch of wall signs. There is nothing like the Jerusalem wall sign.
Shabbos morning I walked to the Kotel to daven at sunrise, so I got to see a nice variety of signage.

Here is a sampling of the signs I saw:
  1. The expected signs announcing deaths, new books and shiurim.
  2. The expected signs announcing various Birkat HaChama events, mostly by the kotel with Rav Elyashiv, and with the Eida HaCharedis at Kikar Mandelbaum
  3. announcement of a Chol Hamoed Neturei Karta Conference on the topic of "Joining with the wicked".
  4. Signs announcing events at Hebron and Kever Rachel.
  5. Signs about some grave desecration in Spain. There was too much text in too small of a font for me to actually read more than a few words of this...
  6. Signs from the Eida HaCharedis protesting the sale of Hametz, allowed by an "Israel" judge (their quotes), in Jerusalem.
  7. Signs announcing the opening of Kever Yehoshua to the public the night of April 19 (Sunday night) between 10:30pm and 4am in Kafr Harsa. You have to go to Ariel Junction and hop on a fortified bus from there. No need to sign up or register. In addition, they have buses all night from various cities, but I could not write down the various phone numbers. Sorry.


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