Apr 19, 2009

Kever Yehoshua - tonight!


  1. I am going, but am full... I know someone else looking for a ride also... so if you find a ride eli, let me know

  2. Just know to be clear, was yehoshua the first jew to ever follow the positive commandmant of "kill em all, wipe out the men women children and beasts." I can't think of anyone who filled that 'aseh' before him. That is quite an honor I think. If there was someone else who fulfilled this particular mitzvah first Id love to

  3. Yehoshua only killed the animals in Yericho and IIRC one other place.
    It was only later with Amalek that the animals were to be killed, there Shaul was commanded by Shemuel to do it. But, as you know he didn't complete the task and he saved King Agag and the higher quality animals.
    Yehoshua also didn't quite finish the job, and he wanted the Israelites to finish it after he died. They didn't, and according to Sefer Shofetim that caused them big problems.
    Moshe Rabbenu perhaps can take some
    credit for Midian.

    Apparently you choose not to respect Yehoshua, because of the difficult ethical issue. But, the truth is that the same source that says that he did it also says that God commanded him to. Perhaps if you believe one you would believe the other, and if you would deny one then you would deny the other.


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