Apr 19, 2009

protesting Survivor

Yossi Elituv is a haredi journalist. He recently wrote an article in the Maariv newspaper about the reality television program "Survivor".

Elituv was upset that during an episode of "Survivor" broadcast during Pesach the contestants were seen eating chametz. Elituv says that it is a shame everything is done for the ratings and advertising money and nobody cares about jewish values - while if a show would display something hurtful to a foriegn culture, there would be protests [from the elite of Ramat Aviv] against the insensitivity. It is only Jewish values that the broadcasting authority feels they can trample without consideration.

While Elituv does have a point, I personally feel he has no place discussing reality television and its problems. He is not a minister in government or an official of the Israel broadcasting Authority that would give his opinion possible influence to change things for the better. He is a journalist writing mostly in haredi newspapers with the occassional article in Maariv.

The Haredi community has for the most part eschewed television. The haredi household that has a television is a rare breed. Elituv has no business commenting on the phenomenona of reality tv when his main readership is haredim. The only thing articles like that do is cause people to want to watch the show to see what he is talking about. So either they will be frustrated and curious, or they will put out some effort to get a hol do fthe show to watch - either on the internet, or go to the house of someone who does have a tv.
Elituv is doing more harm to his public than good. Of course if he was in a position of influence and his opinion would have the chance of making a difference I would be ok with voicing his opinion. But he is not in such a position, and not every stupid thing done needs to be protested by haredim.

Of course this is also in addition to the ridiculousness of his claim - Elituv is upset about chametz on Pesach. I don't think they necessarily ate chametz on Pesach - the show is not broadcast live. It was recorded earlier and only broadcast on Pesach. Also, by protesting the chamtez on pesach, is Elituv saying the chillul shabbos, the eating if bugs and crabs and non-kosher animals, the traipsing around in bikinis all day, and all other items are ok? Only chametz on pesach is enough to protest?


  1. While I agree with your lasn point, that the eating of chometz - rather the viewing of a taped episode of someone eating chometz (maybe he holds its bal yi'ra'eh?) - is the leat of the problems on the show, as you described it, I must disagree with you that "his" readership, namely chareidim, are going to go watch the show, just to catch a glimpse of people eating chometz.

    Whats the difference if hes not a minister who opinion is heeded, or who can make an impact on whether or not the show will continue? He is a journalist - wiring in a chilonim newspaper, and he is trying to raise an issue. The issue I think is correct - namely how only jewish culture can be abused. Its part of the same self hating culture of the elitist leftist media who value the lives and rights of the arabs terrorists more than the lives and rights of Israelis. This is just with a religious twist, as opposed to a "nationalistic" twist. But I see him calling out the elitists on the same thing.

  2. he did not just write in in maariv, but it was on haredi news sites as well (such as bechadrei and ladaat)

  3. B"H

    As I was reading, I thought the same thing, that the show was probably filmed weeks ago.

    You can take the Southern Californian out of Southern California, but you can't take the Southern California out of the Southern Californian.

    We know about these things.


    {When they're filming on your block, or when filming creates traffic, you learn about these things, even w/o a TV in the home.}

  4. He's a fool, but he has lots of fools for readers, so it all works out fine.


  5. this is a joke, right? the show is taped months prior, but as it's shown on pesach it's a problem? the bugs they eat or the shellfish are ok to show? the lack of "modest" clothing is ok? the lying and backstabbing is ok?


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