Apr 5, 2009

Israeli Arab MKs are upset at proof of disloyalty

The Zoabi interview that Samuel Sokol ran last week in a number of media channels, including the Jerusalem Post and Israel's Channel 2 has been causing quite a stir.

It turns out Zoabi attacked Sokol and says he was unfair and misportrayed her statements. unfortunately for her, Sokol has a recording of the whole interview which shows that she said what he claimed she said.

Zoabi demanded the Jpost retract the interview, as she never approved it, and she says she had asked Sokol to send it to her for approval. Unfortunately, again for her, that is a breach of ethics and it goes against the code of ethics Zoabi herself wrote for journalists in which she herself established that:
In the code of ethics (Media Charter: The Media Charter and its Ethics 2008) published by I'lam we find the following rule.
12. Independence / nonpartisanship

- "Journalists are to refrain from complying with directions, directives, instructions or threats that relate to his or her journalistic work that are issued by any external party, and in particular by advertisers, an official institutions, or political advertisers." Emphasis added.
So she claims that in her need to cover up her real views from being exposed to Israelis, Sokol should have been obligated to go against what she considers journalistic ethis. And there is the small fact that he never agreed or obligated himself to attain her approval before publishing.

Sokol was interviewed by Yishai Fleisher on Arutz 7 to discuss the interview with Zoabi - they play clips from the original interview....

the Jerusalem Post, considering all the above, stands by the interview and refused to pull it.

It is time Israel woke up and called a spade a spade. the Israeli Arabs, are not necessarily loyal to the state and only try to keep it quiet from the public eye.
What amazes me is that she said it in the interview and then expected it not to be published.

You can get all the details on Sokol's blog... including the A7 interview

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